Welcome to the Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Africa

Our Objectives

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for Africa enables gifted students who would otherwise miss out on a university education to get a degree, both unlocking their potential and helping them contribute to their communities.
The Trust currently operates in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.  
Sponsors include individuals and companies who believe in the power of education to make a difference to individuals, their families and communities


100% of donations go to fund scholarships ... zero goes on admin


The Trust is chaired by Dr Nick Brown, Principal of Linacre College,
University of Oxford.


Our Supporters

Over 1000 Scholarships awarded since 2008 to students who could not afford to go to University.  Scholars commit to staying in their country for 5 years after graduating to contribute to their community.  See inspiring stories at Our Scholars


One objective is for women to make up 60% of new scholarships


TEST for AFRICA is pleased to announce that the The Madrinha Trust will very generously provide a minimum of two mentored scholarships annually in each of Ghana, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.  Madrinha scholars will receive international mentoring throughout their studies, plus counselling for job applications and career planning.

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Africa is a registered charity number 1124600 in the UK

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Ghana is a Ghanaian Charitable Trust  (G-23266)

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Malawi, a Malawian Charitable Trust (TR/ INC 4820)

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Uganda is a Ugandan Charitable Trust

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Tanzania is a Tanzanian charitable trust  (Number 5316)


Our Scholars

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Scholarship Applications:  Ghana  Malawi  Uganda  Tanzania

Comments from some of our Donors:
"’I've seen first hand the transformational impact sponsoring further education has on the scholar’s whole family … I was delighted to find TEST for Africa so I could sponsor further students"  KF
"The governing philosophy and efficient financial management of these charities are exemplary and provide an outstanding return on investment"  Carol & Dick S
"Amazed to see the massive improvements in the local African communities being driven by former TEST scholars"  Chris S
"A wonderfully well run charity"  WG
"After doing appropriate due diligence  when first deciding to donate - and subsequent detailed reviews over several years - I'm very confident that donations are managed effectively and I get great satisfaction from knowing a gift makes a real difference'  John M
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