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Application Forms


An overview of eligibility for scholarships and the application process can be downloaded here (see also detailed guidance notes below)

The 2023/24 application form can be downloaded here, and renewal form for current TEST scholars can be downloaded here 

Applications for 2023-24 have all been processed and all the successful applicants have been contacted directly and notified of their respective awards.   If you have not been notified that you have been successful then unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful. For avoidance of doubt Academic Registrars will also have been notified of successful applicants.  Because of the volume of applications we are unable to contact unsuccessful applicants, but we are well aware that there are many worthy applicants we cannot provide scholarships to due to the limited funds available.  We wish you every success in your ventures


Please remember you have to have been accepted by one of the accredited institutions in one of the accepted disciplines, and the form must be submitted to that institution and not to the Trust itself.

Detailed guidance notes are available here and Frequently Asked Questions FAQs are here


NO FEES: Forms are free to download, there is no application fee and we do not work with any organisation that will charge applicants any fees. Additionally, you should not pay any person or organisation for help to fill out the application form, as this will disqualify you.

Applications and Means Testing

All applicants must have a valid offer from their relevant accredited educational institution in one of the accepted disciplines and must file their application for TEST for UGANDA scholarship support with their proposed educational institution and not with the Trust itself. The specified time frame for submission must be respected and the application complete. There are no exceptions allowed for late submission or for incomplete applications, as any such application will be automatically disqualified.

Applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application form which provides extensive detail of their background, family and financial standing plus a history of their academic achievements. All claims made in the application must be accompanied by appropriate documentary support as proof of that claim. Applicants who falsify any claim will have their scholarship withdrawn. The application form includes a 500 word essay describing why applicants feel they are eligible and how they intend to use their education to improve the socio-economic prospects of Uganda.

TEST for UGANDA Scholarships are not automatically renewed as students need to have demonstrated considerable academic progress in their academic work as well as have their financial status re-assessed annually.


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