100% of donations go to scholarships

Thank you for considering making a donation that will make a material difference to a gifted student in Africa who would otherwise miss out on a tertiary education, benefiting the individual, their family and their community for a lifetime.  See what other donors say.   Zero donations go on admin, thanks to the generous support of individuals and organisations, providing pro bono services and covering admin costs separately.

So every donation makes a real difference.  To give an idea of scholarships awarded, tuition fees in Malawi range from MWK400,000 to MWK550,000 (GBP £430 to £590) per year.  In Tanzania average tuition fees run at TZS 1.5 million (GBP £515) per year.

If you are a UK tax payer we can claim Gift Aid of 25% if you make a Gift Aid Declaration when donating. 

If you pay tax at a higher rate you can claim back the difference in your tax return.  See the following  advice from HMRC:

You donate £100 to charity - they claim Gift Aid to make your donation £125. You pay 40% tax so you can personally claim back £25.00 (£125 x 20%)

Alternatively if you give as part of Payroll Giving then 100% of the donation comes out of your pre-tax income.

To discuss donations further, including opportunities to name scholarships, please contact us 

Some of our many Supporters

Major Donors


The Funding Network 

Supporters of innovative charitable projects whose aim is to achieve positive, transformational social change over the long term


Showa Denko Materials Co. Ltd.



Schools Around the World

A charity sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield


Keith & Marjorie Lloyd

Co-founders of TEST for Africa.  In addition to funding scholarships, the Lloyd family cover admin costs for the charities, ensuring that all other donations go on scholarships


Madrinha Trust 

Fully financing scholarships in Malawi and up to five scholarships in Tanzania and Uganda respectively



Bob Hiorns Scholarships

Four Scholarships are awarded annually to Ghanaian Scholars studying Statistics and/or Mathematics. These Scholarships are named in the memory of Dr Robert W. Hiorns, a former Vice-Principal and Fellow of Linacre College and Oxford University Lecturer in Statistics.


John Travers Medical Scholarships

Up to ten Scholarships are awarded annually for medical studies in Ghana. These Scholarships are named in the memory of John Richard Lewis Travers.  John was formerly the Chairman of Cushman and Wakefield, Europe, Middle East and Asia and helped set up their charity, Schools Around The World, which sponsors these Scholarships.


Takeshi Tanno Scholarships

Four Scholarships are awarded annually to Ghanaians for studies in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. These Scholarships are named in the memory of Takeshi Tanno, the former Chairman and Director of Hitachi Chemical Corporation, Japan.  Hitachi Chemical Europe GmbH funds these Scholarships.


John & Anne Bamborough Scholarships

The late John and Anne Bamborough are revered by many of the early Linacre College, Oxford University alumni. In 1962 John Bamborough became the first Principal and quickly established the College as a model of an egalitarian and international College. His wife, Anne, was instrumental in making everyone feel welcome and an integral part of the community. Four Scholarships in Humanities are awarded annually by TEST for GHANA in their memory.


The Kelly Fisher Scholarships

Kelly Fisher was formerly a VSO volunteer at the Kanton Secondary School in Tumu, Upper West Region of Ghana. Thanks to her generosity, two Scholarships are awarded annually for Engineering/Science studies to qualified candidates from the Upper West Region of Ghana.


Kafakoma Family Scholarship

One Scholarship is awarded annually for study in Agricultural Studies at Bunda College, University of Malawi. This Scholarship is generously funded by the family of Robert Kafakoma, the Chairman of TEST for MALAWI, who himself is an alumnus of Bunda College


Linacre College Common Room

One Scholarship is awarded annually to a Malawian for study in Environmental Studies at Bunda College. This Scholarship is financed by the Common Room student body at Linacre College, Oxford University who raise funds through a charity auction every year.


FUN(D)RAISERS Nursing Scholarships

Six Scholarships are awarded annually to Malawians for study in Nursing at the Kamuzu College of Nursing at The University of Malawi. These Scholarships are made available through the generosity of a group of British expatriate, Belgian resident women who devote considerable time to raise funds through a variety of events, principally involving their local church and the British expatriate community in Belgium.


Edna Newby Nursing Scholarship

This Nursing Scholarship at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, Malawi is donated in the memory of the late Edna Newby, wife of the late Geoffrey Newby, mother of Steve and Sue


Bett Barker Nursing Scholarship

This Nursing Scholarship at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences is generously funded by Dennis Barker in loving memory of his late wife, Bett Barker


Dr Harry Potter Scholarships

Two scholarships are awarded annually, named after the late Dr Potter, a British scientist who specialised in Overseas Rural Development and who spent many years in Malawi. They are awarded to scholars at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources and are funded from the Dr Harry Potter Endowment which was established by his widow, Rosie Potter and his many friends and generously supported by the United Reform Church. The scholarships cover University fees as well as support for living costs


Nick and Roosa Leimu-Brown Scholarships

 Up to five scholarships awarded annually at Ugandan Universities in forestry, environmental and medical sciences

Other Supporters Include...


The Trustees

Trustees of the five charities (TEST for Africa, TEST for Ghana, TEST for Uganda, TEST for Malawi and TEST for Tanzania) give time and expertise to operate the charities, including mentoring scholars where appropriate. 


Linacre College, University of Oxford

Alumni from Linacre College were central to founding TEST for Africa and continue to make up a number of the Trustees.  Scholars graduating with First Class Honours degrees are invited to apply for the Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholarship at Linacre College for full funding for one year’s Master’s degree. In addition the Linacre College Common Room sponsors a scholarship


Kemp & Co. Ltd. 

Kemp & Company is a Guernsey registered Chartered Accountancy Practice who, together with Clara Le Vallee, very generously prepare the annual accounts and Annual Report for TEST for AFRICA pro-bono.


Jennie Travers

The late Jennie Travers co-founded TEST for Africa in 2008, together with Keith & Marjorie Lloyd.   The John Travers Medical Scholarships are also in place in memory of Jennie's late husband, John.  The Travers family continues to support the charity, including Jennie and John's children, David Travers and Joanna Travers, acting as Trustees for TEST for Africa.


Ishmael Jesse-Dodoo

Ish was one of the original founders of TEST for Africa.  Ish is Ghanaian and has a BSc in Natural Resources Management from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and a Master’s in Environmental Control Management from Linacre College. He is presently with the United Nations Development Programme, working as Head of Management Support in Tanzania.


Karl Lloyd

Karl has supported TEST for Africa since its inception, including managing its online presence.  Karl has a degree in Mathematics and a Master’s in Computing from Imperial College, as well as an MBA from Exeter University. After a career as a Bond Trader and  Portfolio Manager, Karl currently specialises in data management and IT.


PDM (Profile Direct Marketing)

PDM kindly provided logo design for TEST for Africa


BNA Chartered Accountants

A leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants very generously providing accounting services to TEST for Ghana


Seth Agyapong-Mensah

TEST for GHANA is honoured to count Seth as its legal representative as well as a key Contributor and Supporter. Seth is a practising Barrister and Solicitor associated with Fugar & Company in Accra, and a Lecturer in Commercial Law at Accra Polytechnic, School of Mgmt & Business Studies.